Instantly Combine The Power Of A 100+ Million Dollar Financial Marketing Super Connector & The CEO Of The World’s Fastest Growing Affiliate Network To Effortlessly Double The Revenue Of Your Next Product Launch!

Warning: This is not your typical “about us” page…

The simple fact is, that this is not about us. This is all about you and what we can do for your next product launch.

You already know that financial publishing is a great space to be in. It has a huge target market and the potential for some very lucrative product launches.

There is however one problem… or rather an opportunity most publishers miss.

In the financial space you tend to do things on your own, with internal launches and paid advertising driving your traffic… often completely neglecting affiliates as an additional source of traffic and revenue.

That’s a big mistake! Especially when you can go...

Whale Hunting With Jami Stout

You might know Jami as the co-founder of the Financial Marketing Summit.

What you may not know is that she is also THE super connector and absolute best affiliate manager in the financial publishing space.

On every single launch she has ever worked on she has increased the sales and revenue by at least 33%... simply by bringing in the right affiliates.

She has turned a $20 million launch into a $30 million launch, by adding a whopping $10 million in affiliate sales.

Jami has spent years building relationships with the top affiliates and whales in the industry and developing a masterful affiliate launch process. This allows her to recruit and match super-affiliates to your offer with laser targeted precision and guaranteed results.

Jami on stage with one of her clients handing out affiliate checks from their launch. Yes, one of the affiliates she brought to the table made $864,991.25 in commissions!

Unfortunately Jami’s time is limited and her services have remained out of reach for most publishers…

Until now!

When you join the FPNetwork today you’ll instantly have Jami fighting in your corner and catching whales for your next launch!

Is The Grass Really Greener
On The Other Side?

Of course not... But there is still a lot we can learn from looking at other niches.

Take the internet marketing, also known as the “make money from home,” niche as an example.

This oversaturated and hyper competitive market has a much higher publisher to customer ratio than we see in financial marketing. This fierce competition drives a lot of innovation and when it comes to implementation of new technology and strategies… they are generally considered to be 5 years ahead of us.

One of the areas they really excel in is affiliate marketing, with internet marketing launches often being entirely fueled by affiliate driven sales and traffic.

With FPNetwork we’re going to give you easy access to the innovative, proven technology and strategies they use daily… and instantly open op a whole new and previously untapped world of affiliate marketing for your business.

Scaling It Up

With Laura Casselman

With 17 years of corporate experience, multiple Stevie and American Business Awards in the bag...Laura currently holds two separate listings on the Inc. 5000 of America’s fastest growing companies.

As the CEO of, one of the premier and fastest growing affiliate networks and digital market places in the world, Laura is a leading expert in securing continuous growth and scaling up businesses via affiliate marketing.

JVZoo’s 800,000 active affiliates have generated nearly one billion dollars in total affiliate sales, so Laura has a unique understanding of what it takes to get a lot of affiliates through the door, keeping them happy, active and promoting… and she knows exactly what it takes to turn your offer into an irresistible affiliate magnet.

Brewing Up The Perfect Storm

This is what the FPNetwork is all about...

Taking the sublime affiliate management and recruitment of Jami Stout and combining it with the outside perspective, experience and technology Laura Cassellman brings to the table.

Creating the perfect combination, that will allow you to easily take your product launches to the next level!

Our Mission:
To At Least Double Your Sales
With Zero Extra Effort On Your End!

And here’s exactly how we’re going to use the FPNetwork to do it...


Simply add your launch to the FPNetwork and instantly tap into all the high quality affiliates we have onboard.


Our proprietary system is designed to keep affiliates active and promoting, generating more sales for your launch.


Use our site to find high quality, related offers you can cross-promote to easily boost your long term profit & revenue.


Perhaps the best thing about affiliate marketing. You can massively boost your lead gen and sales at zero risk - you only pay commissions when you make money.


Use the FPNetwork to find and network with other players in the Financial Marketing world. Make deals for cross promotion and set up super profitable partnerships.


The FPNetwork is designed to be as easy for you as possible. Once you have set up your product listing the system takes care of the rest. We are going to save you time instead of giving you more work!

Can You Afford To Ignore
The Super Affiliates?

The simple truth is… The better our publishers and affiliates do and the more money they make… The better the network will do and the more money we will make too.

So we are naturally working extremely dedicated on filling the FPNetwork with the very best publishers and affiliates in Financial Marketing - just like you!

We’re already giving it everything we have… are you ready to take advantage?

You need to ask yourself if you can continue to ignore the super affiliates and leave half or even just a third of your revenue on the table… of course you can’t!

If you are at all serious about growing your financial marketing business, then there is only one thing left to do….

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