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You already know that financial publishing is a great space to be in. It has a huge target market and the potential for some very lucrative products.

There is however one problem… or rather an opportunity most publishers miss.

In the financial space you tend to do things on your own, with internal launches and paid advertising driving your traffic… often completely neglecting affiliates as an additional source of traffic and revenue.

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As the #1 affiliate manager in the financial space Jami Stout routinely adds over 30% in launch revenue, simply by matching the right affiliates to your offer. With the FPNetwork you will have instant access to her top affiliates. What would it do for your business to make an extra Or even $30,000 on every $100,000? Or even $300,000 on every million? That is the raw power of the FPNetwork!

John Newtson is the ultimate super connector in the financial space. His network consists of everyone from top affiliates to CEOs and hedge fund managers and he has direct access to a network of 70,000+ investors. John knows everyone and now you will too, because with the FPNetwork you are about to tap directly into his personal network an have top industry players beg for a chance to promote your offer.

Laura Casselman is the CEO of the world’s fastest growing affiliate network, JVZoo, where the affiliates have sold 11,921,823 units and counting, generating close to $1 billion in extra revenue for the publishers. Laura knows exactly how to foster a community of super affiliates that will help grow your business at record speed. As a part of the FPNetwork you are about to experience a growth in financial marketing, so fast that the outsiders will be left in the dust wondering what happened!

Simon Harries is the most sought after product launch manager in online marketing. He is going to make sure that the FPNetwork has exactly what you need to stand out from the crowd and that your product listings attracts a dedicated following of top affiliates that will generate extra sales for your products, every single day!

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Perhaps the best thing about affiliate marketing. You can massively boost your lead gen and sales at zero risk - you only pay commissions when you make money.


Use the FPNetwork to find and network with other players in the Financial Marketing world. Make deals for cross promotion and set up super profitable partnerships.

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We have some of the world’s absolute top affiliate and launch managers spearheading the FPNetwork.
These financial marketing super connectors are working tirelessly on increasing the affiliate sales and revenue
for all our publisher members.

Jami Stout

Jami is the co-founder and managing partner of the Financial Marketing Summit and widely regarded as the absolute best affiliate manager in the financial publishing space.

Jami has driven as much as $10 million in affiliate sales on a single launch. And consistently brought in high impact super affiliates to significantly increases the revenue for some of the biggest publishers in the financial space; including Wealth Insider Alliance, Legacy Research, and others...

John Newtson

Often described as: “the greatest strategic mind in financial publishing & media.” John Newtson has built an unparalleled personal network in the financial sector.

CEOs & founders of investment banks, hedge funds, financial media networks, services companies, and research houses have ALL asked him to train them on his unique approach to business development, dealmaking, and networking.

Laura Casselman

Not only is Laura Casselman the CEO of tech giant, JVZoo, but she’s also a published writer (Forbes, Entrepreneur, SmartInsights, etc.), international speaker, and a global leader in workplace gender equality.

With 17 years of corporate experience, multiple Stevie and American Business Awards… Laura currently holds two separate listings on the Inc. 5000 of America’s fastest growing companies.

Simon Harries

Not only is Simon Harries one of the most successful and sought after product launch managers in online marketing, transforming countless mediocre launches into 7-figure blockbusters.

Together with his handpicked, in-house team of design, code and conversion specialists, Simon has also been working behind the scenes improving the marketing message of some of the biggest financial publishers; including and WealthPress.

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