Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Find answers to some frequently asked questions about FPNetwork

What is FP Network?

FP Network is a offer calendar created to bring offer owners and affiliates together, creating joint venture (JV) opportunities, to generate more revenue.

offer Owners gain more exposure for their launches, webinars, evergreen products/webinars, and contests while easily providing affiliates with offer information and pre-written email swipes, and videos.

Removing the requirement for creating and directing affiliates to a separate JV page, FP Network allows offer owners and their teams additional time to focus on other things that matter before their offer.

We’ve even added live leaderboards, so affiliates no longer have to jump back and forth between networks and JV pages to know exactly where they stand in your offer competitions.

How do I submit my offer?

Submitting your offer is easy! Simply create an account at FP Network and Click the “Add Your offer Now” button. If you already have an account set up, click the ‘Add Launch” button in the menu bar. Enter the correct information about your offer (we’ll guide you through it) and “Submit Your offer Listing.”

Once submitted, we’ll review the listing for approval. Remember, the more information you add about your offer, the more affiliates you’ll recruit!

How do I get the most out of FP Network or get the most exposure?

While we offer a free version of FP Network, to get the most out of our service, you’ll want to upgrade to a PRO or MASTER account. By doing this, you’ll have the ability to list multiple launches, including your evergreen products. You’ll also notify affiliates of your future offer dates, so they can mark their calendars to promote YOUR launches in advance.

The additional features with the upgraded accounts remove the requirement for having an additional JV page, which not only saves you and your team precious time when preparing for a offer, but also centralizes everything in one, easy access, and convenient location for your affiliates.

You’ll quickly upload any offer videos, email swipes, products in your funnel, commissions, contests, and even add your offer competitions, providing affiliates ONE place to get everything they need for your offer, including updates on where they stand on your leaderboards!

Advertise your offer for even more exposure!

How do I get my offer featured on FP Network?

To be eligible for advertising opportunities, you will first need to hold a PRO or MASTER account. If you already have an upgraded account, simply visit our advertising page for current advertising opportunities and rates.

How do I get my offer emailed out to the other users of FP Network?

Each Sunday, FP Network will email our user base of upcoming launches for the week. All MASTER level offers for the upcoming week will be included, as well as the Top 10 performing evergreen offers from the previous week.

Is FP Network an Affiliate Network?

FP Network is NOT a network. We are a offer calendar where offer owners can list their products to make JVs and affiliates aware of when they will offer.

You will need to list your offer with a network or platform that has the ability to track and credit your affiliates, as well as process sales (ex. JVZoo, Clickbank, Keap).

Affiliates will need to get their affiliates links from the network in which your offer is listed. The networks will have tracking and stats and ensure affiliate payments are made. FP Network provides exposure and a convenient place for JVs and affiliates to gain information about your offer offer.

What is a JV or Joint Venture?

We often hear the terms JV and affiliate used interchangeably, though they are really two different types of partnerships.

An affiliate relationship tends to have a lesser connection than a JV, taking the form of one person selling a offer of another for a commission.

A JV refers to a deeper partnership where the workload, roles, responsibilities, and costs are shared.

While we recommend that JV partnerships come with detailed agreements (in writing) of which party is responsible for what, including how money and assets will be split, we understand this is not often done in Internet Marketing (IM). Still, we would be remiss if we did not take this opportunity to advise a well documented agreement detailing responsibilities and roles (even an informal one) that both parties agree to and sign before the offer launches. Like they say, plan your divorce while you’re still in love!

What is a Top Pick?

Only available to MASTER Level Accounts, Top Picks are featured offers which have paid for one day of advertising.

What do I do if I’m having other issues?

If you’re having issues that cannot be answered by viewing our FAQs on this page, please email us at and someone from our team will work with you to resolve the issue.

Why is my preferred network not in the dropdown as an option?

At FP Network, we believe in the protection of our industry for its longevity. For us, this means working with networks that are compliant and law-abiding. Therefore, we’ve added the networks that we have personally reviewed and feel confident promoting.

How do I get my preferred network added to the dropdown as an option?

If your preferred network is not currently listed and you feel your network is compliant and law-abiding, please submit your request to add it to us in writing at

Why would I want to add my funnel to the offer listing?

Adding the products in your funnel to your offer listing shows affiliates what they are promoting, as well as their commission potential. This helps attract more affiliates when a proper sales funnel is in place.

What are swipe emails?

A swipe file is a collection of writing examples, showcasing your best subject lines and emails.

When a offer owner provides swipes, affiliates have pre-written emails they can use as written or make adjustments to speak to their list best.

In short, swipes save affiliates time!

Why should I upgrade to include a contest when my network has their own contest feature?

Most network competitions are straightforward, only showing the exact placement of each affiliate. While this serves its purpose, what it doesn’t do is build excitement, generating friendly competition. Our leaderboards show whether an affiliate has risen or dropped placement during the competition. We even indicate when an affiliate is holding steady in their spot.

To show affiliates how great your offer is doing, we not only show live updates of sells happening right now, but we also display how much revenue your Front End offer and Upsells have generated.

And of course, we’ll always display the prize money that’s up for grabs to remind your affiliates why they should keep promoting your offer!

What benefits are there from upgrading from the FREE version to PRO and MASTER levels?

Upgrading to PRO and MASTER Levels has many benefits - all of which get your listing more exposure and provide more information to potential affiliates, thus making it easier to recruit more affiliates to promote your offer.

While the Free Level only allows 1 live listing at a time, PRO allows up to 5, and MASTER allows unlimited listings (this is great for including upcoming launches, as well as listing your evergreen offers).

You’ll also have the added benefit of including videos and swipes on the upgraded accounts, thus eliminating the need of building a separate JV page - this is a huge time saver!

One of the biggest benefits of upgrading your account is the live leaderboard. There’s no motivation for affiliates like a bit of friendly competition. Keep your affiliates excited and engaged in your offers competition and the prize money up for grabs by using our leaderboard feature!

PRO and MASTER Level accounts will also receive special discounts and promotions on advertising with FP Network.

How do I edit my existing offer listing?

Navigate to your profile by clicking your username in the top right corner. Once on your profile page, you may use the tabs to view Future and Evergreen Launches. Select the offer you wish to edit by clicking on the offer name or image.

You’ll now see the offer information page and a pencil icon beside the offer name. Clicking on the pencil icon will allow you to edit the offer and resubmit for review.

How long does it take to get approved?

All offer submissions are reviewed within 24-48 hours.

How can I add a photo to my profile?

Located on the upper right corner of the page, is your User Name. Click on your name to be taken to your profile page. Here, with PRO and MASTER accounts, you’ll have the ability to add a profile picture. Simply click on the placeholder image to upload your photo directly from your computer.

What are the green and red arrows on the Leaderboard for?

On the leaderboard, the green and red arrows are used to show when an affiliate has moved up or down a place in the competition. Green arrows represent the affiliate moved up a spot, while red arrows show the affiliate has dropped down in placement.

What does the yellow circle on the Leaderboard mean?

A yellow circle is used to indicate when someone is holding steady in the current placement on the leaderboard.

How many Offers can I post?
  • The number of offers you can post depends on your account level.
  • FREE accounts allow only 1 offer listing at a time.
  • PRO accounts allow 5 live listings, plus 1 contest.
  • MASTER accounts have unlimited offer listings and unlimited contests. This is our most popular level, as users can constantly attract new affiliates to the evergreen offers and utilize our other awesome features!
How do I list my offer as evergreen?

To Set you offer as ever green set the offer date to Today & leave the close date blank, this will then let your listing be classed as Evergreen.

How many swipes can I add per listing?
You may add as many swipes as you like. Remember, you know your offer best, and providing great email swipes to your affiliates is a great way to ensure your affiliates have the most success promoting your offer.

What types of offers can I list here?

You may list any offer that you have setup on an affiliate network or platform with proper affiliate/tracking links.

Current “Categories” in our Offer Listing dropdown are: eCommerce, ListBuilding, PLR, SEO, Social Media, Software, Video, General Business and Offline (for items like business cards templates or downloadable coloring books!) If there are additional categories you feel should be included, please send us your suggestions, in writing, to